AGEA appoints David Cook to its board

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David Cook will be joining the board of AGEA as our new legal advisor. He is currently the director of Criminal Lawyers Perth.

He has practiced exclusively in criminal law for the last 29 years and he represents people who want to plead guilty or not guilty. Mr. Cook has vast experience and knowledge to thoroughly and professionally represent his clients and get the best results possible for them.

David Cooks belief is that all clients have a right to be fully advised regarding their options so that they can make informed decisions. The Perth-based criminal attorney is well known for his thorough work and honest advice. Alumni of Macquarie University, David Cook is currently admitted to practice in Supreme Courts of WA and High Court of Australia.

He has previously worked in the private sector and the government, and has also worked in the AG’s Department (Western Australia), Local Courts Administration and Crown Law. David served as a top end crown prosecutor for 7 years and also worked as aboriginal legal aid solicitor for 2 years before starting his own law firm in 1998.

David makes court appearances daily, and as an advocate, he has also conducted several summary hearings and jury trials. David also frequently appears in Children’s Courts, Supreme Court, the Parole Authority, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Police Integrity Commission and Coroner’s Courts.

David has undergone and successfully completed courses at Australian Advocacy Institute and Criminal Psychology. He studied this at the University of Western Australia. Mr. Cook is a member of the City of Perth Law Society, Criminal Defence Lawyers’ Association and Law Society of Western Australia.

Mr. Cook is also a referral panels’ member for the Prisoner’s Legal Service, the Children’s Legal Service, Legal Aid Commission Serious Crime and General Crime. He has also contributed to the Lawyers Practice Manual. He is also a member of Law Society of Western Australias pro bono panel.